$DRUG & $DirtyDollarz
The game is going to be powered by two crypto currencies called $DRUG (utility & governance token) and $DDZ (Dirty DollarZ, utility token). You start the game off by buying either of the two types of crypto currencies.


$DirtyDollarZ would be an uncapped token that you can use to develop your drug operations and can be earned by selling drugs within the game world or looting other players. You can also buy the token and earn it through participating in various promotions and events.
$DirtyDollarZ would be required to set up your drug operations, you’ll use it to buy raw materials and procure drugs, pay enforcerZ/distributorZ, upgrade production facilities, pay bribes and many more in-game actions.
There’s a constant $DDZ burn rate and players can also convert $DDZ into $DRUG , by paying a small ficitional laundering fee within the game world (see Laundering Fee).
$DDZ Burn Rate: Dirty Dollarz are being burned constantly in the in-game economy through
  1. 1.
    Buying of DrugZ
  2. 2.
    Maintenance costs related to Drug Operation Facilitiez (also abbreviated hereafter as "DOZ")
  3. 3.
    Buying DopeZ (also abbreviated hereafter as "DPZ")
  4. 4.
    Upgrading/ Customizing/ your DOZ and DPZ
  5. 5.
    Hiring/ Breeding DPZ
  6. 6.
    Upgrading your DPZ
  7. 7.
    Paying fines to Law Enforcement

$DRUG (DopeWarZ Token)

This is for players who want to “shape the future of the game” providing feedback on how the game should evolve. Players can stake $DRUG, play the game and also be part of what direction the game should take in the future.
Players use $DRUG to purchase BlockZ and will be able to earn $DRUG as they play, and drug activity operations are carried at their BlockZ.
$DRUG can also be used to improve the stats of BlockZ through "BlockZ Improvements”, by adding more buildings, landmarks, etc.
Players will also be able to earn $DRUG when they carry out their drug operations, win battles or complete other activities in the game.
Players can stake $DRUG by locking a certain amount of the currency in the in-game bank. By "staking" , players earn extra $DDZ, $DRUG, Land Improvement options and other rewards. Stakers will be in any case required to play to earn or claim rewrds.
$DRUG staking is aimed to keep the players engaged in the entire game universe. $DRUG stakers will at the end of the day decide on feature additions or could, against certain decisions, they'll eventually help manage the use of the game treasury.
Whereas $DDZ has an unlimited supply, $DRUG will have a capped supply. Reference being governance tokens in other experiences like Axie Infinity. $DRUG will also be redistributed to the community treasury.
For instance, $DDZ can be laundered (converted into) $DRUG for a processing fee that’s added to the community treasury.
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