Simulation Brief
Taking inspiration from the original Dope Wars Classic, this video game will also be simulated in most ways. Most elements of the game will have a basic touch of simulation to them.
The game will have diegetic UIs to have a better sense of immersion and relatable gameplay.
Every aspect of the game including drug production, combat, trade, loot, and evading / face-off with the authorities would be a simulation experience; meaning the different elements and variables will be affecting the overall outcome of each experience which could be changed, but the user won’t be able to change them; though upgrades and leveling up will help.
*These numbers would be populated in the design sheet.

Burner Phone

Users will be able to pop out a phone which could be used to perform certain tasks on the fly. Some examples:
  • Connect with friends and text them.
  • Trade and Gift supplies and drugs


Each DOZ will have a laptop from which the player can access the black market and would be able to perform special actions/tasks, for example.
  • Buy supplies
  • Sell supplies
  • Access Banks
  • Access the Black Market

Laundering Fee

Players can convert $DDZ to $DRUG in-game according to the prevailing $DDZ exchange rate alongside X% fee, proceeds of which will go to the DopeWarZ community treasury, funds of which will be allocated to game features additions, events, etc.

Chat System

The ability to chat with other players is very important to players that like to trade for their items, talk with new people from around the world, and communicate with their friends. When you login to the game, you’ll be assigned a Global Chat Room and a Friend Chat Room if you've friends.
Players can view who is currently online in a global room or friends chat room by typing: /users. If players use this command in the global chat, they will get a list of 50 players- everyone that is online and in that channel at the time. If players use this command in their friend chat, they will get a list of all of their online friends.
Clicking a player's name in the chat window gives you 2 options: mute and follow/unfollow.
  1. 1.
    Mute: Players have the ability to mute to other players. Mute text would be in red. This mute text cannot be seen by any other players other than the ones sending and receiving the whisper.
  2. 2.
    Follow and unfollow essentially adds the player to your friends list so that they show up on the city map or if you are already following them, removes them from that friends list and from the city map.

Friend System

Players can view the zoomed-out view of the city and can find all the players there. Players can make a friend (maximum of 25). It is possible for the players to search for other players to inspect their stats. Players can send friend requests to anyone. Players can accept/reject any friend request.
Players will be notified when they get any friend request.
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