Legal Disclaimer And Risk Mitigation
This Whitepaper contains forward-looking statements or information (“forward-looking statements”) that relate to Vous Media Group Limited’s (“VMG”) current expectations and views of future events. In some cases, these forward-looking statements can be identified by words or phrases such as “may”, “will”, “expect”, “anticipate”, “aim”, “estimate”, “intend”, “plan”, “seek”, “believe”, “potential”, “continue”, “is/are likely to” or the negative of these terms, or other similar expressions intended to identify forwardlooking statements. All forward-looking statements address matters that involve risks and uncertainties.
Accordingly, there are or will be important factors that could cause Project’s actual situation and results to differ materially from those indicated in these statements. In other words, DopeWarZ is a video game still under development. VMG reserves all rights to modify the game and any of its features until the game is released, therefore any information or screenshots in the Whitepaper, Pitch Deck, website and any other material related to the game may not reflect the features of the released game. The game is intended to be an on going live-platform, and therefore the game and its features are subject to change even after the release of the first version of the game playable by the public. This Whitepaper is only for informational purposes. It does not constitute a prospectus, advice, an offer document, an offer of securities, a solicitation for investment, or any offer to sell any product, item, or asset. Prospective purchasers should make their own independent evaluation of all risk factors and should read the detailed information set out elsewhere in this White Paper. Other risks and uncertainties unknown to VMG or considered insignificant at this time could equally have a material adverse effect on the business, operations, financial conditions or prospects of VMG. The content of DopeWarz is purely fictional and is not intended to represent or depict any actual event, person or entity. Any similarities are purely coincidental. References to real world cities are for entertainment purposes only and VMG is not suggesting that any conduct depicted in DopeWarZ occurs in such real world cities. VMG does not in any way endorse, condone or encourage any person to engage in any conduct depicted in DopeWarz.
Authorization by the VMG
No person is authorized to provide any information or to make any representation not included in this White Paper, and any information or representation not contained herein must not be relied upon as having been authorized by VMG.
No offer of securities or registration
The Whitepaper does not constitute a prospectus or offer document of any sort and is not intended to constitute an offer of securities or a solicitation for investment in securities in any jurisdiction. No person is bound to enter into any contract or binding legal commitment, and no cryptocurrency or other forms of payment are to be accepted on the basis of the Whitepaper.
Changes to the Project
Various features of the Project, including its terms and conditions, fees, structure, purpose, consensus protocol, algorithm, source codes, infrastructure design and other technical specifications and parameters, may be updated and changed from time to time without notice. Further, VMG may encounter difficulties during development of the products, including financial, resourcing and technical difficulties. These difficulties are unpredictable, and may be unresolvable and may compromise the overall development of the Project. Development of the Project may therefore fail, terminate or be delayed at any time for any reason. Particular features of the Project may never be realised. Such failure, termination or delay is likely to reduce and may completely obliterate any existing utility that Tokens may hold.
Potential for misuse of the Project
Services which may be banned, restricted in certain jurisdictions may potentially use the Project. As a result, governmental authorities or regulators may take action against the Project. This may deter users from using the Project or may involve the complete shutdown of the Project.
Possible migration of the $DRUG and $DDZ
VMG reserves the right to migrate the $DRUG and $DDZ to another protocol and to generate replacement Tokens on the new protocol in the future, should VMG determine, in its sole discretion, that doing so is necessary or useful to the operation of VMG. Should VMG decide to migrate the $DRUG and $DDZ, the VMG may no longer provide support for the pre-existing tokens or any other operational matters, except with respect to the migration process.
No assets, property, governance or security right underlying $DRUG and $DDZ
In particular, the $DRUG and $DDZ do not represent or constitute any intellectual property rights, ownership rights or stake, shares or security, membership right or equivalent rights nor any right to receive future revenues, shares or any other form of participation or governance rights in or relating to VMG. Nothing underpins the value of $DRUG and $DDZ other than the prospect of the Project access, usage and functionality. Accordingly, subject to other written arrangements to the contrary, all decisions involving the Project will be made by VMG, including decisions to discontinue the Project. These decisions could adversely affect the Project and the utility of any $DRUG and $DDZ that you hold. Due to the no security right, $DRUG and $DDZ are not to be construed, interpreted, classified or treated as debentures, stocks or shares issued by any person or entity, rights, options or derivatives in respect of such debentures, stocks or shares, rights under a contract for differences or under any other contract the purpose or pretended purpose of which is to secure a profit or avoid a loss, units in a collective investment scheme, structured products, units in a business trust, derivatives of units in a business trust.
Volatility of cryptocurrencies, other digital assets and fiat currencies
VMG may hold the proceeds in cryptocurrencies, other digital assets or fiat currencies, or a combination of any of them. The value of these fiat currencies and digital assets may fluctuate significantly over a short period of time as a result of market dynamics, regulatory actions and changes, technical advancements, exchange availability and broader economic and political factors. This volatility is likely to impact the funding that is available for developing the Project and may affect the utility of the $DRUG and $DDZ .
Legal status of $DRUG and $DDZ and Project is untested
The laws of various jurisdictions may apply to $DRUG and $DDZ and the Project. The application of these laws and regulations to $DRUG and $DDZ and the Project is, in many cases, largely untested, and is subject to change without notice. In particular, any current governmental or regulatory tolerance of cryptographic tokens or cryptocurrencies can change rapidly, and $DRUG and $DDZ may at any time be deemed to be a security, investment, asset or money by governmental authorities or regulators. VMG may receive formal or informal queries, notices, requests or warnings by governmental authorities and regulators. Action may be taken by governmental authorities and regulators against VMG or the Project.
Tax treatment and accounting
VMG, purchaser and transactions in relation to the $DRUG and $DDZ and/or the Project may be subject to the tax laws and regulations in any applicable jurisdictions. The tax treatment and accounting of transactions in relation to the $DRUG and $DDZ and/or the Project are uncertain and a largely untested area of law and practice that is subject to prospective and retroactive changes without notice. Tax treatment of cryptographic tokens and cryptocurrencies may vary amongst jurisdictions. Purchasing $DRUG and $DDZ or the use if the Project as a result of or in connection with any purchase, grant, delivery, exercise, vesting, distribution, activation, holding, use, appreciation, conversion, sale, exchange, redemption, assignment, transfer, disposal, may attract certain tax implications either now or in the future. VMG may receive formal or informal queries, notices, requests, or summons from tax authorities and as a result VMG may be required to furnish certain information about the $DRUG and $DDZ sale and/or the Project You must seek independent professional advice on the tax implications in relation to $DRUG and $DDZ, use of the Project and/or any other transactions for your particular situation.
Reliance on the Internet
$DRUG and $DDZ and the Project rely heavily on the internet. However, the public nature of the internet means that either parts of the internet or the entire internet may be unreliable or unavailable at any given time. Further, interruption, delay, corruption or loss of data, or the loss of confidentiality in the transmission of data, may occur when transmitting data via the internet.
Reliance on Blockchain Platform
The $DRUG and $DDZ Holders needs to have sufficient understanding of the functionality, usage, storage, transmission mechanisms and other material properties of cryptographic assets, wallets and other token/asset storage mechanisms, public and private key administration, blockchain technology, and blockchain-based software systems. $DRUG and $DDZ Holders understand, recognize and acknowledge that such understanding allows the $DRUG and $DDZ Holders to appreciate the implications and risks of purchasing $DRUG and $DDZ. The $DRUG and $DDZ Holders understands and accepts the risk that the smart contract system concept, the underlying software application, the software platform and ecosystem architecture are at an early developmental stage and yet to be proven. There are no warranties or guarantees that the process for creating $DRUG and $DDZ will be uninterrupted or error-free and there is an inherent risk that the software could hold weaknesses, vulnerabilities or bugs causing, inter alia, the complete loss of the contributed value and/or $DRUG and $DDZ .
The $DRUG and $DDZ Holders understands and accepts that the blockchain technology allows new forms of interaction. There is a possibility that certain jurisdictions will apply existing regulations, or introduce new laws addressing blockchain-based applications, which may be contrary to the current setup of the terms and conditions of $DRUG and $DDZ and $DRUG and $DDZ themselves and which may, inter alia, result in principal alterations of the smart contract system and/or the protocol, including its termination and the loss of $DRUG and $DDZ for the $DRUG and $DDZ Holders. The blockchain technology is experimental and risks arising from this reliance include (but are not limited to):
A. the existence of technical flaws in such a blockchain platform;
B. targeting of such a blockchain platform by malicious persons;
C. changes in such a blockchain platform’s consensus protocol or algorithms;
D. decreased community or miner support for such a blockchain platform;
E. the existence or development of competing networks and platforms;
F. the existence or development of forked versions of such a blockchain platform;
G. flaws in the Solidity scripting language;
H. disputes between such a blockchain platform developers, miners and/or users; and
I. regulatory action against such a blockchain platform developers, miners and/or users.
Source code changes and flaws
The various source codes used in the $DRUG and $DDZ and the Project are subject to change and may at any time contain one or more defects, weaknesses, inconsistencies, errors or bugs.
No anonymity
Holding and transfer of $DRUG and $DDZ and use of the Project (if and when developed) will not be anonymous. Your address and such participation will be recorded on a permissionless blockchain. It is possible to match addresses to identities. Furthermore, to comply with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations and in accordance with our privacy statements, disclosure will be made to relevant authorities and regulators upon request.
Loss of private key is permanent and irreversible
You alone are responsible for securing your private key. Losing control of your private key will permanently and irreversibly deny you access to your $DRUG and $DDZ. Neither VMG nor any other person will be able to retrieve or protect your $DRUG and $DDZ. Once lost, you will not be able to transfer your $DRUG and $DDZ to any other address or wallet. You will not be able to realise any value or utility that the Token may hold now or in the future.
Targeting of $DRUG and $DDZ, the Project and VMG by malicious persons
$DRUG and $DDZ, the Project and VMG may be targeted by malicious persons who may attempt to steal $DRUG and $DDZ or the proceeds, or otherwise intervene in the $DRUG and $DDZ sale, the Project or VMG. $DRUG and $DDZ and the Project may also be vulnerable to exploitation of vulnerabilities in smart contracts and other code, as well as to human error. This could result in significant loss and/or other impacts that may materially affect your interests.
Targeting of You by malicious persons
Malicious entities may target you in an attempt to steal any $DRUG and $DDZ or cryptocurrencies that you may hold, or to claim any $DRUG and $DDZ that you may have purchased. This may involve unauthorised access to your digital wallet, your private keys, your cryptocurrency addresses, your email or social media accounts, as well as unauthorised access to your computer, smartphone and any other devices that you may use.
No liabilities
VMG or any of the VMG team is not liable for any indirect, special, incidental, consequential or other losses of any kind, in tort, contract or otherwise (including but not limited to loss of revenue, income or profits, and loss of use or data), arising out of or in connection with any acceptance of or reliance on this Whitepaper or any part thereof by you.
Market and industry information
The Whitepaper may include market and industry information and forecasts that have been obtained from internal surveys, reports and studies, where appropriate, as well as market research, publicly available information and industry publications. Such surveys, reports, studies, market research, publicly available information and publications generally state that the information that they contain has been obtained from sources believed to be reliable, but there can be no assurance as to the accuracy or completeness of such included information.
No third party consent
Save for VMG and its respective directors, executive officers and employees, no person has provided his or her consent to the inclusion of his or her name and/or other information attributed or perceived to be attributed to such person in connection therewith in this Whitepaper and no representation, warranty or undertaking is or purported to be provided as to the accuracy or completeness of such information by such person and such persons shall not be obliged to provide any updates on the same.
No advice
No information in the Whitepaper will or should be considered to be business, legal, financial or tax advice regarding VMG and $DRUG and $DDZ or any possible future token sales.
Restrictions on distribution and dissemination
The distribution or dissemination of the Whitepaper or such part thereof (as the case may be) may be prohibited or restricted by the laws, regulatory requirements and rules of any jurisdiction. In the case where any restriction applies, you are to inform yourself about, and to observe, any restrictions which are applicable to your possession of the Whitepaper or such part thereof (as the case may be) at your own expense and without liability to VMG or any of its affiliated entities or any member of the VMG team.
Compliance with laws
VMG is open for being audited for compliance and providing transactions open for the public including wallet addresses. The users on VMG will need to comply with applicable laws and regulations, including but not limited to certain anti-money laundering and terrorist financing measures.
General comment on risks
Purchasing $DRUG and $DDZ involve inherent risks, some of which are set out in this Section of the Whitepaper. These risks, and additional risks arising either now or in the future, could result in the failure of the $DRUG and $DDZ transfers, the destruction of $DRUG and $DDZ or the utility of $DRUG and $DDZ , and/or the termination of the development of VMG. There is a possibility that the purchase amount may be unrecoverable and/or that the $DRUG and $DDZ may cease to have inherent intrinsic value. You must therefore consider carefully whether the risks set out below, as well as all other applicable risks, are acceptable to you prior to deciding whether to purchase $DRUG and $DDZ.
Many factors, most of which are beyond the VGM's control, will influence the value of $DRUG and $DDZ and the price, if any, at which market participants may be willing to purchase or sell $DRUG and $DDZ in the secondary market. Accordingly, if a $DRUG and $DDZ Holders sells its $DRUG and $DDZ in the secondary market, it may not be able to obtain a price equal to the principal amount of $DRUG and $DDZ or a price equal to the price that it paid for $DRUG and $DDZ . An investment in $DRUG and $DDZ involves the risk that subsequent changes in relative market performance may adversely affect the value of $DRUG and $DDZ. You must seek professional advice (legal, taxation, financial, technical or otherwise) regarding your particular situation before purchasing $DRUG and $DDZ , holding the $DRUG and $DDZ or using the Project. Potential risks:
● blockchain-related risks: the underlying software application and software platform is still in an early development stage and unproven so there is no guarantee that the process for creating $DRUG and $DDZ will be uninterrupted or error-free. There is an inherent risk of weaknesses, vulnerabilities or bugs of the software causing the complete loss of $DRUG and $DDZ and of the Project;
● abandonment/lack of success: VGM may abandon the creation of the $DRUG and $DDZ and the development of the Project for various reasons, including lack of interest from the public, lack of funding, lack of commercial success or prospects (e.g. caused by competing projects) and legal, tax or regulatory considerations;
● regulatory risks: certain jurisdictions might apply already existing laws and regulations to blockchain technology-based projects or introduce new laws or regulations for this purpose. Newly introduced regulations may differ to the existing setup of the platform. This may cause, inter alia, substantial modifications of the Project or bring to the termination and/or the loss of $DRUG and $DDZ;
● jurisdiction-related risks: residents, tax residents or persons having a relevant connection with certain jurisdictions are excluded from the $DRUG and $DDZ sale. Changes in your place of domicile or the applicable law may result in you violating any legal or regulatory requirements of your applicable jurisdiction. You are responsible for ensuring that the delivery, holding, use or exchange of $DRUG and $DDZ is, and remains lawful despite changes to applicable laws, your residence and circumstances.
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