Looting & Battles
Players through EnforcerZ can choose to attack the DOZ of other players, they can battle DealerZ in live trades (trade window time X). Players can send an X number of EnforcerZ which will reach the enemy player's DOZ in Y time.
After which, depending on the stats and equipment of the player EnforcerZ and the stats and equipment of the defending BodyGuardZ players, there will be a win, loss or draw state (based on a single equation rock-paper-scissors mechanic).
Depending on the outcome, players will either earn or lose rewards in-terms of $DDZ.
Before an attack Players will know the potential gains or loss if they are attacking another player.
Defending players will be given a notice of the incoming attack and will have the option to either pay-off the attacking player an X amount or defend.
Players can only attack another player once in X months.
If a player is attacked or looted by another player, they’ll be in a safety umbrella and can’t be attacked for an X amount of time.
Time taken for your EnforcerZ to reach the enemy DOZ is contingent on the distance between the different DOZ.
Attacking players might be intercepted by law enforcement and hence attack on the player cancelled and the player being shown a report of how the interaction with Law Enforcement went.
  • Loss State: EnforcerZ gets caught by the police and (loses X amount of their weapons and upgrades). EnforcerZ are hospitalized and unusable for a Y amount of time (unless they choose to pay a certain amount $DDZ in this case the EnforcerZ are back in action almost immediately).
  • Stalemate: EnforcerZ gets away, without any loss, however the attack is called off. EnforcerZ can be used immediately after the run.
  • Win State: EnforcerZ wins against the police and proceeds with the attack on the enemy player, gaining extra stat points and upgrades at the end of the attack run.
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