Drug Production
Players by default can buy and sell an X amount of Drugs. However, with $DDZ they can upgrade their DOZ and install a DFZ.‌
DFZ allows users to increase the capacity of drugs they can buy and store. DPFz can be updated to increase their capacity requirements. DPFz also reduces the cost of procuring drugs by a small %.‌
Narratively, users will buy Drug ingredients, which are converted into a specific Drug. The user however, won’t be taking any action to produce the drug pers day and as he buys raw material ingredients they are automatically converted into drugs to sell.‌
  1. 1.
    Weed Farm for the production of Weed
  2. 2.
    Cocaine Lockups for the production of Cocaine
  3. 3.
    Meth Lab for the production of Meth
  4. 4.
    Special Lab for the production of Ecstasy

‌Weed Farm‌

  • The Player would need equipment costing X amount of DDZ.
  • The Player can upgrade the security system as well to lower down the risk of raids.

‌Cocaine Lockup‌

  • Can only store the cocaine that has been bought by the player.

Meth Lab‌

  • The Player would need a Lab, and Methylamine to start off.

‌Special Lab

  • A special locker / warehouse for collecting speed drugs e.g. Ketamine and Ecstasy.
  • The player would need Dealerz to sell cocaine in the blocks / streets.
There are also Special DFZs: Production facilities that you install and can be used for specific non drug buying and selling purposes. These include:‌
  1. 1.
    Cloning Chamber: Required to breed different types of new DopeZ
  2. 2.
    Family Office: Required to buy new DopeZ