DrugZ have a demand-supply and demand depending on the BlockZ you’re operating in. There are different types of DrugZ that users can purchase/sell. Each DrugZ has a different value and different risk levels.
The goal is to buy DrugZ at a cheap price and sell them at a higher price.
For the first launch, we’ll be looking at the following DrugZ.
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DrugZ Risk Level: Drugs with a higher risk level will result in a higher chance of the player's DealerZ getting while dealing the specific DrugZ. For instance, chances of getting caught dealing weed would be lower than Cocaine. The Risk level alongside the demand/ supply of the Drug would also affect the price of selling the DrugZ.

Buying DrugZ

Using their Laptops players, will be shown the cost of procuring Drug Raw Materials in their BlockZ. Player’s will be able to buy X quantity of the Raw Materials based on the maximum capacity of their DPZ.
With it, players will also be shown the demand of that particular DrugZ in different BlockZ so they can better make their decision as to which DrugZ raw materials to buy.
With the Raw Materials, the users will also be shown how much of a particular type of DrugZ they’ll get if they were to purchase X amount of that raw material. For instance, purchasing 100 seeds of weed might get the users 100g of weed.

Selling DrugZ

Players can sell the DrugZ on hand to the market. To sell DrugZ players will need to use their DealerZ, each with a specific amount of DrugZ it can sell.
Players can send their DealerZ to sell in their own BlockZ or any BlockZ to sell DrugZ and will be shown the prevailing selling price of a DrugZ in different BlockZ.
The further away a BlockZ is from the player's BlockZ (where the player's DOZ is situated) the longer it takes the DealerZ to make a trade. Once a DealerZ is out making a trade, the user can’t use them to sell DrugZ. The time taken for DealerZ to execute a sell order is also contingent on the Transportation stats of the BlockZ.
The further away a BlockZ the player is sending their DealerZ to, the higher the likelihood of the DealerZ being faced with law enforcement.
DrugZ being traded gameplay footage
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