Players can purchase BlockZ from the market, making it their virtual asset.
BlockZ each of them have specific Stats and Properties
From a narrative perspective, players won’t be buying the property but actually “paying off the government to exert control over the given property block”
Each property block has a certain value, the market will ultimately decide the value of a specific BlockZ, however, BlockZ will have certain properties associated with them which will impact their attractiveness.
The tentative suggested property BlockZ stats are the following

Supply of DrugZ Raw Materials

Each BlockZ will have a certain supply of DrugZ, which will in turn impact the price of buying DrugZ in that particular block.
Case in point: A property block might have an amphetamine chemical factory in it, resulting in higher supply of cocaine and lower price to produce the drug in the area.
Supply is also contingent on nearby resources. The property block and its closeness to different resources (required to manufacture different types of drugs) will impact the production cost of drugs and hence impact it’s value.
Case in point: If your property block has an amphetamine chemical factory in it, producing Meth in that area compared to producing Meth at a BlockZ which is far away from the factory resource would be cheaper.

Demand of DrugZ

Different drugs will have different demands in different property blocks.
Case in point: A property block which is situated in a poor locality might have a higher demand for meth and a lower demand of cocaine.
Demand of the property is contingent on the population of the locality. Population demographics will play just as important a role.
Case in point: An area consisting of young people, might have the demand for certain drugs such as Molly/ Ecstacy higher.
The district type of the property block will also impact demand. Residential district, commercial district, manufacturing district.
Case in point: A commercial area where there are casinos and clubs, might have the demand of certain drugs such as Molly/ Ecstacy higher compared to a property block in a residential area, which might have a higher weed demand.

Law Enforcement Presence

Different property blocks will be at different distances from law enforcement buildings; the presence of law enforcement within the vicinity of a property block will dictate the attractiveness to run drug operations in the area.
Case in point: If your property block is right next to a police station, then there are going to be more cops in the area and your chances of getting caught while dealing drugs would be higher.

Transport Infrastructure

Property blocks with access to transportation means such as ports, airports will be able to trade drugs with other countries and cities around the world.
Case in point: If someone is operating in a property block situated in a land locked area, and wants to trade with someone in the UK, the cost of trading internationally for him would be higher compared with a property block in NYC as he’ll have access to port facilities and could trade drugs via ship cargo.

Number of buildings

Buildings signify the number of drug operations people can set up in a given property block to cater to demand. The higher the number of buildings in a property block the better its attractiveness.
Each building has an X number of Drug Operation FacilitieZ (DOZ).
Case in point: Suppose only one drug production facility can be opened in one building. A property block that has 100 buildings would be less valuable than a building that has 400 buildings.

BlockZ Improvements

BlockZ and its stats can be improved by paying for the developement of BlockZ, for isntance, you could pay in $DDZ to construct more buildings, landmarks such as Casinos, and infrastructure such as airports.
  • Demand Improvements
  • Casino (increases the demand of all DrugZ by X)
  • Night Club (increase demand for Ecstasy & Cocaine by X)
  • Supply Improvements
    • Ganja Fields (increase supply of weed)
    • Chemical Factory (increase supply of Meth and Ecstasy)
  • Transport Improvements
    • Airports (reduce cost of importing drugZ)
    • Roads (reduce time for DealerZ to travel in locality)
  • Building improvements (increase the number of DOZ that can be opened up in your BlockZ)
    • Apartments buildings
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