Depending on the currency you buy you’ll either be acting as:


Players who purchase BlockZ, in-game raw materials factories represented by NFTs, and earn by playing the role of resource providers.
Governors will be able to do Land Improvements on these BlockZ, in order to increase the stats of the BlockZ and produce more. In addition, Governors will be able to stake certain amounts of $DRUG, which will get locked in the in-game bank for X amount of time (depending on how much they stake) and provided that they play the game, they will in turn get rewards.
They’ll also be responsible for governance decisions when it comes to the future of the game (how will the community treasury be used to improve the platform).
Governors can convert the $DDZ in-game to $DRUG as well, like any other players, or spend them to enhance their BlockZ, to further increase its stats and value.


Players, who play the role of drug dealers and buy/sell drugs within the game world, their activity serves as a proof-of-work within the game. $DDZ (in some instances $DRUG)
In order to play as Distributors, players will need to purchase a certain amount of $DRUG to purchase a DopeZ (in-game characters in NFTs) and a DOZ (in-game home bases in NFTs). After purchasing a DopeZ and a DOZ, players will be able to buy and sell an X amount of capped drugs per day.
Players can install Drug ProductionZ Facilities (DPZ) in their DOZ. This will allow them to increase the maximum number of DrugZ they can hold. Similarly players can spend $DDZ to buy different types of DopeZ to be able to sell more DrugZ, Loot other players and upgrade their capabilities. The game will include the following types of DopeZ:
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As players get more $DDZ they can launder the money to $DRUG or further spend it into DOZ Upgrades, DopeZ upgrades, New DopeZ, cosmetic items and other in-game elements.
Players can also purchase extra DOZ spaces through $DRUG. Inside their DOZ, the player can engage in different types of activities like purchasing drugs, installing and upgrading the different types of production facilities.
The goal is to earn the maximum amount of $DDZ to further expand your operations and eventually enhance your in-game NFT assets so that they can also increase in value.
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