DopeWarZ Whitepaper
The following document covers the Initial Game Design Concepts that will be fleshed out over the process of development.


“A blockchain based MMO experience where you buy and sell drugs to create and expand your drug empire, increase your influence across different Cityz & BlockZ and upgrade your in-game characters "DopeZ" and operational centrez (DOZ).”


This design document comprises the technical aspects, mechanics, and narrative aspects of the gamified DopeWarz application to be incorporated during pre-production, production, and post-launch periods.
  • Art-Style: Top Down 2-D, Pixelated
  • Timeline: Google Docs
  • Engine: Unity WebGL

Game Overview

Inspirations: Dope Wars, Axie Infinity, Sandbox, Dreadlock, Doperaiders, Deathroads
Genres: Blockchain, Buying/Selling Simulation and Strategy with a crime thriller narrative

Game Summary

The game takes inspiration from the original DopeWars (1998) & Drug Lord (1991), where through buying and selling drugs you make use of the market arbitrage present in different districts, to maximize profits. Essentially, buying Drugs at a low price and selling them at a higher price.
Inspiration from Drug Lord 1991
DopeWarZ will build upon and take inspiration from the original 1990s DopeWars gameplay but adds in an additional layer of an MMO environment and the blockchain.
As you go about dealing drugs, there are various factors that impact your profits, such as law enforcement (probability of getting caught) and supply/ demand of different drugs.
Additionally, MMO elements such as the ability to loot players and form clans (gangs) with other players are also present.
Visually and aesthetically DopeWarz will differ from the original Dope Wars and will use a top down pixelated 2D environment to showcase the simulations happening on screen, with players being able to visualize the beautiful drug and gang infested world DopeWarZ in real time.
We want to create a simulated virtual drug trade economy, where each player, according to the role played in the DopeWarZ world, can earn money through their in-game assets, based on actions within the game world.
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